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This Week in Europe
Issue 5 May 11, 2007
The goal of this section is to give you all the informations about diplomacy in Europe.

Two great tournaments this weekend

This weekend, Giancarlo Ceccoli will host you in San Marino for their step of the Grand Prix. This is also the first step of the Campionato Italiano San Marinese and the second step of Mediterranean Championship. After Leonardo Quirini (2006) and Edi Birsan (2005), who will win this year?
Contact : Giancarlo Ceccoli
Website : Official website
European GP : Official website

During this time, the German player will play the BerlinCon 007 - License to Stab. This is the first step of the Vier-Chancen.
After Nicolas Sahuget, the last year, for the WorldDipCon, who will win this year?
Contact : Julian Ziesing
Website : Official website

Felix Austria Tournament 2007

The tournament will take place from Thursay, August 2 to Sunday, August 5 in Hohe Wand.
Registration is now running for a couple of weeks, so make sure you'll reserve your place as soon as possible, because we simply can't guarantee you the accomodation type of your choice later on (there are three categories of accomodation, depending on your need for luxury).
For further informations or in order to sign up, please visit our web page (english version) :
For a few impressions of the venue and FAT 2006, please visit :
For any kind of questions, please don't hesitate to contact me or any member of the FAT Orga-Team.
Hope to see you in August,
Sebastian Beer and the FAT Orga Team

Borås Spelkonvent : the Swedish step of the Grand Prix

Dennis Andersson informed us that the Swedish step of the Grand Prix will be the Borås Spelkonvent (November 2-4). This year, the convention will take place in the University College of Borås.
For more informations, contact the tournament directors : Björn Westling and Tage Bengtsson.

GenCon Paris : Open de France 2007

The Open de France will take place during the Gencon Paris (May 25-26). This year, you will be able to play as many games as you want with or without negociation, during this two days. So, come and play!
Contact : Laurent Joly and Emmanuel du Pontavice
Website : Gencon Paris
More informations : Website

World Diplomacy Championships 17 Aug 9th-12th, Vancouver BC

WDC 17 and North American Dipcon 40 August 9th-12th, Vancouver, British Columbia
Where does the time go? We are now three months out from the biggest Diplomacy event of the year.
Things are coming together nicely – Mr. Shields and I went to the convention site this past weekend, making sure everything is in order, and that we'll have some smooth sailing come August. As you should all know, we're featuring six full rounds of Diplomacy over 4 days. There's a lot to compete for – the World Title, the Dipcon Title, best team, best country – and it's a big year. This will be the 40th Dipcon, a tradition started back in 1967.
We have a lot of people signed up so far, but I know there's a lot of you out there planning to attend that are still getting your ducks in a row – please let me know if you will be attending. We want to be able to pick you up! If you already have confirmed with me, please take a moment and reserve you room. There is a variety of ways you can do this, you can call (1.888.822.1030), email, or do it on the web from this page. The actual link doesn't email so well.
We're mentioning this because there is only so many rooms available, and the university *will* start giving away our room block that are not reserved three weeks before the event. So please make sure to take 5 minutes and reserve. They do not charge you anything, and you can cancel your reservation without penalty up to 48 hours before the date. Being a college campus there are not a lot of lodging options nearby, and none of them are as cheap as the dorms.
There's a lot of information at if you'd like to do some research.
We hope you can all make it – it's going to be a great event. Please feel free to email us with questions, we're here to help.
Thanks again, and see you in August!

Nathan Barnes, Matt Shields, Mike Hall

Last news from Europe

EDC The EDC will take place in the Frioul Islands, near Marseilles in France. More informations are available on the website.
Austria Guenter Hopf waits you for the Felix Austria (August 2-5, in Hohe Wand). Don't hesitate any more!
Belgium The first Tour de Belgique is now launched. The next step will be "La coupe du Dragon" in Mons (October 6-7).
Denmark Jakob searches a new tournament to host the step of the Grand Prix.
France Don' forget the French forum for the face to face.
The Gencon Paris will take place in May 25-26.
Germany Don't miss the first step of the Vier-Chancen : BerliCon 007 - License to Stab in Berlin (May 11-13).
Icleand Don't miss the first EDV which will take place in Icelande (June 7-14). If you will miss it, you can't miss the Swiss step of the Grand Prix!
Ireland Discussions took place about the next Borucon which could take place in September.
Italy The next board will take place on Friday, May 18.
The TerniCon will take place on September 15-16.
A new webiste is available for the face-to-face in Italy :
Norway Simen Fure Jorgensen works to the organisation of the Norwegian NDC (Step of the Grand Prix). It could take place during the fall.
San Marino Everyone is invited to find itself for San Marino Con in May 11-13.
Sweden The step of the Grand Prix will be in Borås (November 2-4).
The Netherland Ronald is ready to host you for the DomDipCup (June 23-24) in Utrecht.
7 players played the 3rd Workshop of Diplomacy, in Houten. You can see the results here.
The next Joker Dip, in Utrecht, will take place on May 28. More informations ont the Joker webiste.
The Switzerland Pierre-Yves invites you for the Swiss step of the Grand Prix in a beautiful place in Sierre (June 9-10). He hope to see you here! website

Written by Laurent Joly

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