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This Week in Europe
Issue 38 July 20, 2008
The goal of this section is to give you all the informations about diplomacy in Europe.

Annual General Meeting 2008 : Minutes and Revised Charter

The annueal General Meeting took place in Como on April 11-13. The minutes of the AGM is now available, written by Emmanuel du Pontavice and David Norman. The revised charter is available, written by David Norman (I will update the website soon).
Read the Report
Read the charter

This week is a back

Since several weeks, I was very busy and I hadn't enought time to write a new issue. In this issue, you will have a summary of what happened in Europe during the two last months.

Swedish NDC 2008 (May 1-4)
San Marino Con 2008 (May 16-18)
Utrecht Tournament 2008 (July 5-6)
Open de Paris 2008 (April 26)
DiploNam 2008 (May 10)
Chill Con Out 2008 (May 17-18)
Trophée de la Brie 2008 (June 28-29)
Pisa (June 28-29)
Parthenay (July 12-14)
League & local games
7-landen competitie 2008
League of Udine 2008
Turkish Game 2008
Lega dell'estate 2008
News about circuit
Grand Prix 2008 Vier-Chancen Tournee 2008 Tour de France 2008
Campionato Italo San Marinese 2008 Tour de Belgique 2008 Mediterranean Championship 2008
To come...
Manorcon 2008 (July 25-27)
BerliCon 2008 (August 8-10)
WorldDipCon 2008 (August 14-17)
French Cup 2008 (September 13-14)
Mediterranean Cup 2008 (October 18-19)
French NDC 2008 (December 13-14)
Swiss NDC 2008 (Cancelled)

Swedish NDC 2008 : a French player can hide another one

The Swedish NDC took place in Linköping on May 1-4, two weeks after the EuroDipCon in Como. The Lincon is the convention who hosted the EuroDipCon 1994 who saw the victory of the French : Xavier Blanchot (former president of the French Association and former treasurer of the EDA).
This year, two French players and twenty Swedish players were there to try to become the new Swedish Champion. I had the pleasure to bring back the permenant trophy won by the French Gwen Maggi in 2007.
After three rounds, the seven best players were qualified for the top boards : Simon Arnling Baath, Per Norman, Tage Bengtsson, Laurent Joly, Björn Thalen, Emmanuel du Pontavice, David Karlsson. This was a great game. Tage did a good game (controling everyone around him), but unfortunatly Emmanuel succeeded to keep his 7 centers.
Emmanuel du Pontavice won the tournament followed by Tage Bengtsson and Per Norman. In the team competition, "Former Swedish Champions" (Per Norman, Björn Thalen) won the tournament.
And finally, this is the email sent by Dennis Andersson to me :
"My congrats to you for reaching the top board and to the french hobby for stealing the trophy again!!! Kind of embarrasing for us swedes huh? On the positive side is that it means you'll have to return next year ;)"
Of course, we will be back the next year!
See the results

San MarinoCon 2008 : Alex Lebedev again

The San Marino was the fourth step of the Grand Prix and the second step of the Campionato Italo San Marinese. 14 players were there on May 16-18 to try to become the new San Marinese Champion.
After three rounds, Alex Lebedev became the first player to win this tournament twice (2007, 2008). Luca Pazzaglia, the European Champion 2008, finished second followed by Paolo Calbucci and Giovanni Giudici.
See the results

Utrecht Tournament 2008 : Emmanuel du Pontavice, 3rd victory in the Grand Prix

This year, Ron Huising hosted us in the Joker, the famous shop in Utrecht, on July 5-6. We had most of the time a beautiful weather in a so beautiful place. Four French players, two German players and one Belgian player did the trip to Utrecht.
After three rounds and six boards played, Emmanuel du Pontavice won the tournament followed by Stefan Unger and René Van Rooijen. I had the pleasure to play with René three times and he succeeded to win the best Russia and the best Turkey like in Paris in 2007. After several stabbs (including the ceremony), I become the best stabber.
See the results

Open de Paris 2008 : Benjamin Pouilles is Back

The Open de Paris took place on April 26 in Paris. Thirty two players participated to the event for the pleasure of everyone. Benjamin Pouilles did a beautiful come back with his victory. Emmanuel du Pontavice finished second followed by Pierre Bourgois. We had the pleasure to the see the return of France-May Martel, who won this tournament in 2006. A special thanks to Christophe Perrot who played several seasons after that a player left a game.
See the results

DiploNam 2008

The DiploNam took place on May 10 (unfortunatly the same weekend that the Trou Normand). Only seven players were there to play Diplomacy. The new Belgian Champion is Bertrand Lelangue.
See the results

Chill Con Out 2008

Stefan Unger directed the Chill Con Out, which took place in Hannover on May 17-18. fourteen players were there for this two-round tournament. Stefan Hagemann won followed by Jan Baier and Stefan Unger.
See the results

Championnat d'Ile de France 2008 : Yann Clouet won

As usual, the Championnat d'Ile de France took place in Champs-sur-Marne at the end of June. Twenty four players attended and eight boards were played over four rounds. Yann Clouet won twice this event (2005, 2008). Philippe Dumay finished second followed by Philippe Coïc.
See the results

Pisa 2008

For the first tournament in Pisa, seven players were there including Frank Oosterom, who came from the Netherlands. After three rounds, Giovanni Giudici won followed by Leonardo Quirini and Lorenzo Giudici.
See the results

Parthenay 2008

As each year, a tournament took place in Parthenay during a convention called FLIP. Twenty one players participated to it from July 12 to July 14. After three rounds, Philippe Dumay won the tournament followed by Cyril Cottet and Yann Clouet.
See the results

7-Landen competitie 2008

Each month, one or more games are organised in the Joker, a shop in Utrecht. Each player will scored the best score of each country played. One board were played in April, four in May and one in June. At that time, the leader is Frank Oosterom followed by Jochem Berndsen and Ot de Wiljes.
More informations on the webiste.
See the results

League of Udine 2008

A third board was played in Udine on May 24. Davide Prenassi finished first as France with 8 centers. After three games, Giovanni Rorato is first with 270 points followed by Marcello Ciancio and Davide Prenassi.
See the results

Turkish Game 2008

A game was played in Turkey on July 9. Turkey, leaded by Arda Akbulut, finished first with 10 centers.
Turan and Fatih were both new players. Turan did alright for a while by pursuing the kill Conrad at all costs strategy. It eventually backfired though. The most interesting part of the game was the following conversation (the best I can remember it)

[we are reading the french orders]
"F Iri - Lvp"
Izzy: You bastard! I can't believe you did that. Fatih, remember what he said?
Fatih: (laughs)
Izzy: (to Conrad) He signed this paper saying that he has no honor if he moves to Liverpool this turn.
Alper: (Laughs)
Conrad: You believed him? This is diplomacy, of course he has no honor.
From Conrad Woodring

See the results

Lega dell'estate 2008

The Lega dell'estate will come back again this summer. Each tuesday of July (July 8,15,22 and 29), a game will be organised in Milan. The first Tuesday, Giovanni Cesarini finished first with 8 centers as England. The second Tuesday, Giuseppe Salerno finished first with 7 centers as Austria.
See the results

Grand Prix 2008 : Emmanuel, Emmanuel and Emmanuel

After five steps (Ireland, EuroDipCon, Sweden, San Marino, Holland), Emmanuel du Pontavice is from far in first position with three victories on four steps. The European Champion, Luca Pazzaglia, is second followed by Alex Lebedev, the San Marinese Champion, and Gwen Maggi. Things seems in a good way for Emmanuel, but don't forget the return from nowhere of Gwen Maggi, the last year.
In the team competition, Frédéric Coste, Gwen Maggi and Emmanuel du Pontavice is at first place with a few points by advance on Pizza Mandolina Mamma with Giovanni Cesarini, Alex Lebedev and Luca Pazzaglia. It is really open.

Next steps
Manorcon Leicester July 25-27 David Norman
BerliCon Berlin August 8-10 Julian Ziesing
WorldDipCon Vienna August 14-17 Sebastian Beer
Coupe de Bruxelles Bruxelles Fall Domitien Gillet
Danish NDC Hobro October 17-19 Jakob Bavnshøj
Fossombrone Fossombrone November 8-9 Luca Pazzaglia
Championnat de France Paris December 13-14 Laurent Joly

The Website of the Grand Prix
Download the Individual Classification (pdf)

Vier-Chancen Tournee 2008

After three steps (Metz, Hannover, Utrecht), Gwen Maggi is in first position followed by Stefan Unger and Emmanuel du Pontavice. The next two steps (BerliCon and WorldDipCon) will be very important!
In the team competition, Emmanuel du Pontavice and Gwen Maggi take the first place followed by the team composed of Stefan Unger and Julian Ziesing.

Next steps
BerliCon Berlin August 8-10 Julian Ziesing
WorldDipCon Vienna August 14-17 Sebastian Beer
HessenCon Waldkappel November 21-23 André Ilievics

The Website of the Vier Chancen
Download the Individual Classification (pdf)

Tour de France 2008

After three steps (Cannes, Metz and Parthenay), Gwen Maggi, with his two victories, is at the first place. Emmanuel du Pontavice is second and Alexandre Pignon third.

Next steps
Coupe de France Marseille September 13-14 Gwen Maggi
Coupe du Dragon Mons October 11-12 Bertrand Lelangue
Coupe de Gascogne ? November Xavier Perraudin
Championnat de France Paris December 13-14 Laurent Joly

The Website of the Tour de France
Download the Individual Classification (pdf)

Campionato Italo San Marinese 2008

After three steps (Brunate, San Marino and Pisa), Luca Pazzaglia, the European Champion, is at the first place. Giovanni Giudici, for his first participation, is second and Alex Lebedev third.

Next steps
TerniCon - Italian NDC Terni September 27-28 Leonardo Quirini
Mediterranean Cup Milan October 18-19 Davide Cleopadre
Fossombrone Fossombrone November 8-9 Luca Pazzaglia

The Website of the Campionato Italo San Marinese
Download the Individual Classification (pdf)

Tour de Belgique 2008

Only seven players were there for the first step, in Namur. The Belgium Championship took place at the same time than the Trou Normand, in France, which explains the low participation (some Belgian players went in France and no French players attented). The two next steps will be very important.

Next steps
Coupe du Dragon Mons October 11-12 Bertrand Lelangue
Coupe du Bruxelles Bruxelles ??? Domitien Gillet

The Website of the Tour de Belgique
Download the Individual Classification (pdf)

Mediterranean Championship 2008

After two steps (Cannes and Brunate), Gwen Maggi is at the first place followed by Emmanuel du Pontavice and Daniele Berladini.

Next steps
Coupe de France Marseille September 13-14 Gwen Maggi
Mediterranean Cup Milan October 18-19 Davide Cleopadre

The Website of the Mediterranean Championship
Download the Individual Classification (pdf)

ManorCon 2008 : July 25-27

Now in it's 26th year, ManorCon returns to its new venue at Stamford Hall, University of Leicester.
Three rounds of Diplomacy in three days. First round starts at 6pm Friday. Last round and awards finish by 7pm Sunday.

It will be a step of the Grand Prix.
From David Norman.
Website : Website.

BerliCon 2008 : August 8-10

German Championship, Grand Prix Step and first half of the "2 conventions in 10 days" program. Second half is the WDC in Vienna. At BerliCon we will have a venue in the center, gaming rooms for ourselves, open day and night, the famous German board games, beer of course, and nightlife not far away. Have a look at the website!
When? Easy to remember: 08/08/08
From Julian Ziesing

It will be a step of the Grand Prix and of the Vier Chancen.
From Julian Ziesing.
Website : Website.

WorldDipCon 2008 : Burg Lockenhaus, Austria

August 14th-17th 2008
Play diplomacy in the astonishing medieval surroundings of Lockenhaus Castle; enjoy the Service of our shuttle from Vienna to Lockenhaus and back again; choose between three different Luxury-Types of accommodation.
In a word : join us at WDC 2008 in Burg Lockenhaus/Austria 14th-17th August.

It will be a step of the Grand Prix and of the Vier Chancen.

French Cup 2008 : September 13-14

It will be back !!!
The Saturday, September 13th and Sunday, September 14th, at the same place.
This year, the tournament will take place "only" during two days, but you can come on Friday nigth like the previous years.
Round 1 : Saturday at 14h30
Round 2 : Saturday at 20h30
Round 3 : Sunday at 9h00
accommodation + meals will cost 51€ including pastis! (that means meal on Saturday dinner, Sunday Breakfast and Sunday Lunch)

From Gwen Maggi.
Website : Website.

Mediterranean Cup 2008 : October 18-19

I would like to invite you to attend the Milan Med Champ 2008 that will be held in Milan from the 18th october to the 19th October.
That year we've changed our formula so the first game will be Held on Sat at 14.30, and the second at about the 19. The Sunday game will be at 9.30 as always.
here is the link to subscribe:,com_attend_events/Itemid,29/task,view/id,6/.
I hope to see you all booked ASAP in case you need infos just let me know.
Yours truly Davide

French NDC 2008 : December 13-14

The French NDC 2008 will take place, like the previous year, in the Hotel La Louisiane in Paris. The Tournament will take place on December 13-14 over 4 rounds. We hope to be able to see a lot of foreigners like the previous year.
Contact : Laurent Joly
Website : Website.

Swiss NDC 2008 : Cancelled

The Swiss NDC won't take place this year, but it will come back in 2009.

Latest News from around Europe

EDC The next EDC will take place in Germany during the summer 2009
Austria The WDC will take place in a medieval castle, in Burg Lockenhaus in Austria. More informations are available on the website.
Belgium The tour de Belgique has 3 steps this year : Mons, Namur and Bruxelles.
The DiploNam will took place on May 10. Bertrand Lelangue is the new Champion of Belgium. See the results
Denmark Like the previous year, the Danish NDC will take place in Hobro on October 17-19. For more informations contact Jakob Bavnshøj
Finland There won't be a GP step in Finland this year. Juho Malin decided to organise severals games which will qualify 7 players for a final board. The winner of this board will be the Finnish Champion.
France Benjamin Pouilles won the Open de Paris on April 26. See the results
Yann Clouet won the Championnat d'Ile de France on June 28-29. See the results
Philippe Dumay won the tournament of Parthenay on July 12-14. See the results
The French NDC will take place inside Paris on December 13-14, 2008. 75 players from 7 countries came for the previous NDC. For more informations, contact Laurent Joly, Emmanuel du Pontavice, Xavier Blanchot.
The French Cup will take place on September 13-14 on the Frioul Island, near Marseilles. For more information, contact Gwen Maggi.
Germany Stefan Hagemann won the Chill Con Out on May 16-18. See the results
The Germany will host the EDC 2009.
The GermanDipCon will take place in Berlin, on August 8-10. For more informations, contact Julian Ziesing.
Italy Giovanni Giudici won the tournament in Pisa on June 28-29. See the results.
A webiste is available for the face-to-face in Italy :
Norway We are waiting for news from Norway.
The Netherland Each month, Diplomacy's game are organised in the Joker in Utrecht. More informations on the webiste.
The Utrech Diplomacy Tournament took place on July 5-6. It was won by Emmanuel du Pontavice. See the results.
San Marino The San Marino Con took place on May 16-18. The new San Marinese Champion is Alex Lebedev. See the results
Sweden The new Swedish Champion is Emmanuel du Pontavice. See the results
Switzerland L'Open du Génie de la Lampe won't take place this year, but it will come back in 2009.
Turkey A game was played in Turkey on July 9. See the results
United Kingdom The Manorcon will take place on July 25-27 in Leicester. For more informations, contact David Norman.

If you want to publish any information in this week, feel free to contact me at jolylaur1 at Every help will be welcome.
Written by Laurent Joly

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