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This Week in Europe
Issue 34 February 25, 2008
The goal of this section is to give you all the informations about diplomacy in Europe.

Leprecon, Irish NDC : Feb 29-March 2

Leprecon is a well established gaming con which is now in its 29th year, and most of the Irish Dip community live in Dublin. Dublin has better travel and accommodation options. Since Leprecon is a university based convention, it only costs €12 for the weekend and €5 for the competition. The weekend ticket obviously allows full entry to the whole con, which has a full programme of other games and social events. Mike is still the NDC organiser and the official point of contact for the Dip games, and players should register with him in advance to know how many players to prepare for.
This tournament is the opening step of the Grand Prix and some foreigners will probably come.
Website : Website
Contact : Mike Cosgrave

Coppa Garibaldi : The results

Fabrice Essner organised the Coppa Garibaldi in Cannes (France). 14 players were there from 2 countries (France, Italy). The first step of the Tour de France and Mediterranean Championship was won by Gwen Maggi followed by Daniele Belardinelli and Emmanuel du Pontavice.
See the results
Website of the Tour de France
Website of the Mediterranean Championship

Odyssée Tournament : Gwen Maggi again

David Thomae organised the Odysée Tournament in Metz (France). 19 players were there from 3 countries (Belgium, France and Germany) for the first step of the Vier-Chancen and the second step of the Tour de France. Gwen Maggi won it followed by Gabriel Lecointre and Alexandre Pignon. Gwen Maggi won 4 tournaments consecutively (Lyon, Paris, Cannes, Metz).
The results will be available soon.

A new league in Udine (Italy)

Marcello Ciancio organised a game in udine (at the circolo culturale) on January 25. Some other games will be organised in 2008. Marcello hopes to be able to increase the number of player and to be able to host a step of the CISD.
See the results

Two new games in Turkey

From Conrad Woodring :
Saturday February 2nd, 2008
Although we only had four players and had to play the escalation variant of diplomacy, it was still a really great time. I think everyone enjoyed it. Congrats to Leon for kicking our butts (It was all your fault Erman).

See this board
Saturday February 9th, 2008
We played five. It was a good game although slow at first. We had two new players, one of whom was a direct descendant of the first prime minister of Turkey! (We played another game of escalation so nobody had countries assigned. I made my home base in the three English centers, Ibrahim took the German area, Erman took Russia, Izzy took France and Italy and Omer took Turkey)

See this board
Conrad Woodring proposes a motion for the affiliation of the Turkey to the EDA.

Anjou Feu : March 1-2

The Anjou Feu will take place on March 1-2 in Avrillé, near Angers (France). Gabriel Lecointre invites you to join us in the city of the king René. Fabien Grellier (European Champion 2007) won the tournament the last year. Who will do it this year?
I hope to see you in my native town, the next weekend.
Contact : Gabriel Lecointre

EuroDipCon 2008 : Brunate, Italy

The EDC 2008 will take place in Brunate, near Como on April 11-13. We will be hosted in a really nice house in Brunate with a beautiful sight on the lake. You can see some pictures of the last tournaments. You find it really nice, but it's only picture. Come there, you will never forget it!
Website : Website
Contact : Marco Noseda Pedraglio

WorldDipCon 2008 : Burg Lockenhaus, Austria

August 14th-17th 2008
Play diplomacy in the astonishing medieval surroundings of Lockenhaus Castle; enjoy the Service of our shuttle from Vienna to Lockenhaus and back again; choose between three different Luxury-Types of accommodation.
In a word : join us at WDC 2008 in Burg Lockenhaus/Austria 14th-17th August.

Latest News from around Europe

EDC The next EDC will take place in Como (Italy), on April 11-13, 2008. See the website.
Austria The WDC will take place in a medieval castle, in Burg Lockenhaus in Austria. More informations are available on the website.
Belgium The tour de Belgique will have 3 steps this year : Mons, Namur and Bruxelles. More informations will be available soon.
Denmark Like the previous year, the Danish NDC will take place in Hobro on October 17-19. For more informations contact Jakob Bavnshøj
Finland There won't be a GP step in Finland this year. Juho Malin decided to organise severals games which will qualify 7 players for a final board. The winner of this board will be the Finnish Champion.
France The French NDC will take place inside Paris on December 13-14, 2008. 75 players from 7 countries came for the previous NDC. For more informations, contact Laurent Joly, Emmanuel du Pontavice, Xavier Blanchot.
Anjou Feu will take place in Avrillé (near Angers) on March 1-2. For more informations, contact Gabriel Lecointre.
La Coppa Garibaldi was won by Gwen Maggi in Cannes on February 16-17. See the results.
La convention Odysée was won by Gwen Maggi in Metz on February 23-24.
Germany The Vier-Chancen Tournee will have 6 steps. The next step will take place in Hannover (Germany) on May 16-18.
The GermanDipCon will take place in Berlin, on August 8-10. For more informations, contact Julian Ziesing.
Ireland The Irish NDC will take place on February 28-March 2 in Dublin. For more informations, contact Mike Cosgrave.
Italy The Campionato Italo San Marinese will have 4 steps in Italy. The First step will be the EuroDipCon in Como.
The first game of a new league took place in Udine. See the results.
A webiste is available for the face-to-face in Italy :
Norway We are waiting for news from Norway.
The Netherland Each month, Diplomacy's game are organised in the Joker in Utrecht. The next game will be on March 24. More informations on the webiste.
The Utrech Diplomacy Tournament will take place on July 5-6, 2008 in Utrecht. More informations on the webiste.
San Marino The San Marino Con will take place on May 16-18, in San Marino. For more informations, contact Giancarlo Ceccoli.
Sweden The Swedish NDC will take place in Linköping on May 1-4. For more informations, contact Dennis Andersson.
Another tournament will take place in Gothenburg during the Gothcon on March 20-24.
Switzerland L'Open du Génie de la Lampe will take place again this year, but we don't know the date yet.
United Kingdom The Manorcon will take place on July 25-27 in Leicester. For more informations, contact David Norman.
Turkey* There are two games of diplomacy in February organised by Conrad Woodring. See the results.

Written by Laurent Joly

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