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This Week in Europe
Issue 31 January 9, 2008
The goal of this section is to give you all the informations about diplomacy in Europe.

Happy New Year

We wish you an Happy New year and all the best for the the Year 2008. I'm a little late because I have some technical problems with my laptop and a good sciatic. You will find in this issue the second part of the summary about Diplomacy in Europe in 2007.

Statistics about tournaments in 2007

This table gives you some statistics about tournament in Europe. 484 different players participated to tournaments in Europe with an average size of 20.4 players per tournament (for 40 tournaments). In 2006, we had 51 tournaments with an average of 22.65 players per tournament, but we need to remember that the WorldDipCon was in Europe in 2006.
We can notice that two tournaments on three took place in Europe and one player on two played once in Europe.

CountryNb of tournamentsAverage sizeNb of playersNb of tournaments
per player
The biggest tournamentThe National Champion
128281Felix Austria (2007) (28)
Sebastian BEER
319351.63VIème Coupe de Bruxelles (2007) (24)
Laurent DUMONT
1771Mind Sports Olympiad (2007) (7)
111111Danmarksmesterskabet i Diplomacy (2007) (11)
1881FinDipCon IX (2007) (8)
1624.752471.60Championnat de France (2007) (75)
326471.66BerliCon 007 - License to Stab (2007) (35)
417431.58MilanCon IV (2007) (23)
413.25341.56NK Voorronde Utrecht (2007) (21)
1661Norwegian NDC (2007) (6)
122221San Marin Con (2007) (22)
226481.08Borås Spelkonvent 25 (2007) (28)
110101Open du Génie de la Lampe (2007) (10)
Christophe BORGEAT
120201ManorCon 25 (2007) (20)
4020.44841.69Championnat de France (2007) (75)
Fabien Grellier
World6622.099211.58Championnat de France (2007) (75)
Doug Moore

Go on the following link, to see the statistics about face to face in a country.

Statistics about participation and travelers in Europe in 2007

484 persons played in Europe and for 70% of them, they only did one tournament. But some other players made a lot of tournaments, like Emmanuel du Pontavice who played 18 tournaments in Europe!
Nb of tournament attendedNb of playersRatio
First Name, NameNationalityLocationNb of tournaments in Europe
(in the World)
Emmanuel Du Pontavice18 (20)
Gwen Maggi14 (14)
Laurent Joly9 (14)
Rene Van Rooijen9 (9)
Philippe Clavaud8 (8)
Daniele Belardinelli7 (7)
Jérôme Charon7 (7)
André Ilievics7 (7)
Christophe Perrot7 (7)
Yann Clouet6 (8)
Frank Oosterom6 (7)
Nicolas Ianiri6 (6)
François Jacquot6 (6)
David Thomae6 (6)
Stefan Unger6 (6)

82 persons (1 player on 6) went to an other country to participate to a tournament. 12 players did 3 tournaments or more outside of their own countries.
Nb of tournament attended
outside of our own countries
Nb of playersRatio
First Name, NameNationalityLocationNb of tournaments in Europe
outside of our own country
(in the World)
Emmanuel Du Pontavice7 (9)
Gwen Maggi7 (7)
Rene Van Rooijen6 (6)
Laurent Joly4 (9)
André Ilievics4 (4)
Frank Oosterom3 (4)
Daniele Belardinelli3 (3)
Davide Cleopadre3 (3)
Frédéric Coste3 (3)
Nicolas Ianiri3 (3)
Rob Schone3 (3)
Stefan Unger3 (3)

88% of the players played in only one European country, but 12 persons played in 3 or more different European countries. The reccord is set to 6 European countries for Emmanuel du Pontavice and Gwen Maggi (Second and First of the European Grand Prix).
Nb of countries visited in EuropeNb of playersRatio
First Name, NameNationalityLocationNb of countries visited in Europe
(in the World)
Emmanuel Du Pontavice6 (8)
Gwen Maggi6 (6)
Rene Van Rooijen5 (5)
Laurent Joly4 (6)
Frédéric Coste4 (4)
André Ilievics4 (4)
Stefan Unger4 (4)
Frank Oosterom3 (4)
Daniele Belardinelli3 (3)
Davide Cleopadre3 (3)
Igor Kurt3 (3)
Rob Schone3 (3)

10 persons went outside Europe to attend to a tournament (all these tournaments took place in North America). 9 of them participated to the WorldDipCon in Vancouver, Canada. The reccord is set to 5 tournaments outside Europe for Laurent Joly.
First Name, NameNationalityLocationNb of tournaments outside Europe
Laurent Joly5
Dan Lester2
Yann Clouet2
David Norman2
Emmanuel Du Pontavice2
Guenter Hopf1
Frank Oosterom1
Vincent Carry1
Cyrille Sevin1
Gihan Bandaranaike1

The following table gives you informations about each country. The French hobby has the biggest number of local players from far. The three other hobbies who have a lot of local players are Germany, Sweden and Italy. This statistics doesn't concidered the local games played and we can figured that the Dutch hobby has more local players (34 players for the 7-landen competitie).
The French hobby was the hobby who hosted the biggest number of foreigners, because of the EuroDipcon, but also of the French NDC. San Marino, Belgium and Austria hosted a lot of foreigners players. It's probably a good consequence of circuits like the CISD, the Vier-Chancen or the Tour de France. We need to remember the great links between these 4 countries and their neighbours.
5 countries (Italy, France, Germany, Belgium and United Kingdom) had more than 10 players who traveled outside of their border for a tournament. The French players are visited 8 differents European countries and the 2 Dutch players visited 5 European countries!
CountryLocal playersNb of foreigners hostedNb of travelers
(Nb of countries visited)
15132 (1)
221310 (2)
700 (0)
1010 (0)
800 (0)
2123517 (8)
41614 (3)
--0 (0)
--0 (0)
37619 (3)
2682 (5)
600 (0)
3190 (0)
4620 (0)
552 (1)
20010 (2)
--1 (1)
--1 (1)

What happened in Europe in 2007 ?

Diplomacy in Austria

As each year, the Felix Austria took place in Hohe Wand, a very nice place. 28 players participated to the tournament, and the Austrian Champion is Sebastian Beer. This year, there were less foreigners (probably because of the proximity of the WorldDipCon) but more Austrian players (14).
The next year, the Felix Austria will be the WorldDipCon (August 14-17), an event not to miss.

Diplomacy in Belgium

It was the first edition of the Tour de Belgique, which included the 3 Belgian tournaments. 35 players participated to these tournaments, with 22 Belgian, 1 Dutch and 12 French players. Laurent Dumont is the Belgian champion and Emmanuel du Pontavice won the Tour de Belgique.
The next year, the Tour de Belgique will have 3 steps (Mons, Namur and Bruxelles).

Diplomacy in Czech Republic

After one year out, a Diplomacy's event took place during the Mind Sport Olympiad in Praha. There were 7 players and we can hope to see another event in 2008.

Diplomacy in Denmark

After several years out of the European Grand Prix, the Danish step were back in 2007. Jakob Bavnshøj made a great job to organise it and 11 players participated to it. Gwen Maggi became the Danish Champion.
The next year, we can hope to see another event in Denmark, with probably more players.

Diplomacy in Finland

The FinDipCon had only 8 players. Juho Malin decided to modify the way to organise Diplomacy's event in Finland, the next year. His goal is to bring new Finnish players and we wish that he will succeed in his work.

Diplomacy in France

This year, there were "only" 16 tournaments in France, that is always a lot. Some tournaments known some problems, but it was a good year for the French Hobby.
Gwen Maggi hosted the EuroDipCon on the Frioul Island. We had a beautiful weather and spent some great time there. 53 players participated (36 French, 7 Belgian, 2 German, 2 English, 2 Italian, 1 American, 1 Dutch, 1 Swiss, 1 New Zealand). The new European Champion is Fabien Grellier.
The French Championship was the other important event. It took place inside Paris and hosted 75 players, with a lot of foreigners (3 American, 3 English, 3 German, 2 Dutch, 2 Belgian). Gwen Maggi became the French Champion and everybody enjoyed to see René Van Rooijen recieving the cup of the fourth place (Best Russia and Best Turkey).
The Tour de France had less step this year : Grenoble, Sierre, Parthenay, Marseille, Mons, Agen and Paris. The last step was decisive and finally, Gwen Maggi won it. Emmnauel du Pontavice finished second for only 43 points.
The Tour de France will have 6 or 7 steps in 2008. The French Championship will take place in the hotel La Lousiane, inside Paris, on December 13-14.

Diplomacy in Germany

3 tournaments took place in Germany this year. 47 players participated to this tournament. The BerliCon, who hosted the WorldDipCon the previous year, had 35 players and was the biggest event. David Cleopadre became the German Champion in Frankfurt. The Vier-Chancen tournee had 6 steps and was won by the best German of the year Stefan Unger (Third of the European Grand Prix).
The next year, we can hope to see more players in Germany. The Berlicon 2008 will take place one week before the WorldDipCon in Vienna. So we will be able to do the reverse trip of 2006 (after Vienna->Berlin, Berlin->Vienna).

Diplomacy in Ireland

It was a dead year for the Irish Hobby. Brian O'Farrell moved outside of Dublin and Mike Cosgrave tried to organised the Irish Championship. Unfortunatly, there weren't enough players to participate to it. We hope that the Irish will be able to organise an event in 2008.

Diplomacy in Israel

The last tournament took place in 2004. It seems that there is no event in Israel.

Diplomacy in Italy

It was a good year for the Italian Hobby, who will host the next EuroDipCon in Como (April 11-13). Like the previous year, there are 4 tournaments with an average of 17 players. MilanCon was smaller (at the same date as the Coupe du Dragon in Belgium), but a real great event as each time. Everybody knows that the most important is not the size! The new Italian Champion is Marco Ferrari, who finished second of the Campionato Italo San Marinese. Alex Lebedev won it with only 200 pts of difference with Marco. During the summer, Giovanni Cesarini organised a league "Lega dell'Estate", which was won by Riccardo Savini.

Diplomacy in the Netherlands

The DomDipCup, step of the Grand Prix, was back with 18 players. As each year, two NK Voorronde took place (Utrecht and Leeuwarden). A Voorronde is a prequalifying tournament for the Dutch Championship. The 3 first players of each Voorronde are qualified for the final. The Dutch champion are qualified for the final. This year, the Nederland Kampioenschap (Dutch Championship) was won by Ron Huising. As each year, each month, one or several boards are played in the Joker (a gameshop in Utrecht). They decided to run a league called "7-Landen competitie" and won by Piotr Skotinicki.
The lonely thing that I can say to you is go to Utrecht, I spent a real great time there to play Diplomacy and some other games.

Diplomacy in Norway

It was a difficult year for the Norwegian Hobby with only 6 players for the Norwegian NDC, won by Tor Magne Tonnesen. I hope that there will be more players the next year.

Diplomacy in San Marino

As each each year, there is one tournament in San Marino with 22 players from Italy, San Marino and France. Alex Lebedev won it.
At that time, we don't know if there will be a tournament of Diplomacy in San Marino the next year.

Diplomacy in Sweden

Dennis Andersson made a great work in Sweden this year. He created a scandinavian website and worked to schedule 2 tournaments. The First was the Gothcon, as each Year. The second tournament was the Borås Spelkonvent, Swedish NDC. It hosted 28 players and was won by Gwen Maggi.
I think that it was a good year for the Swedish hobby and two tournaments are scheduled for the next year.

Diplomacy in Switzerland

Pierre-Yves Franzetti ran the Open du Génie de la Lampe in a beautiful place in Sierre. Only 10 players were here, but it was a great event. The Swiss Champion is Christophe Borgeat.

Diplomacy in United Kingdom

There is one tournament in United Kingdom this year with 20 players and unfortunatly no foreigners. The Manorcon was won by Emeric Miszti.

Diplomacy in Spain*

An event was scheduled in Spain in December, but I don't know if they suceeded to run it.

Diplomacy in Russia*

Alex Lebedev is working to organise a internet tournament in Russian. He works to a website to play online in Russian and tried to organise a tournament in 2007. Probably, we will see a tournament in Russia this year or the following year.

Diplomacy in Turkey*

Conrad Woodring, who hosted us in Long Island for the HuskyCon, lives in Turkey. He organised 2 diplomacy games in 2007.
Probably, we will see some others games and event this year in Turkey.

* This country is not affiliated to the EDA.
Written by Laurent Joly

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