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This Week in Europe
Issue 3 April 27, 2007
The goal of this section is to give you all the informations about diplomacy in Europe.

FinDipCon, 2nd step of the Grand Prix

Juho Malin won for the second time the FinDipCon. 8 players were here for the tournament and 2 boards were played. After two steps, Juho Malin and Yann Clouet are in first position of the European Grand Prix, followed by Jean-Louis Delattre and Antti Lehmusjarvi.
The whole results
European Grand Prix

San Marino Con, the third step of the Grand Prix

Like each year, Giancarlo Ceccoli will host you in San Marino for their step of the Grand Prix. This is also a step of the Campionato Italiano San Marinese and of Mediterranean Championship. After Leonardo Quirini (2006) and Edi Birsan (2005), who will win this year?
Contact : Giancarlo Ceccoli
Website : Official website

Intercontinental Exchange 2007 : European vs North American

This year, the European players must show to the American players that we are a continent of travelers. Welcome in the First Intercontinental Exchange!
It's very simple. Each player, from a continent who goes to another continent to play, earn one point for his own continent.
MonthEuropeNorth America
January3 pts (WAC=>Lester, Clouet, Sevin)
February1 pt (Prezcon=>Joly)
April1 pt (CODCon=>Joly)
So European player, I invite you to go to the WorldDipCon, in Vancouver. American, I invite you to go to the EuroDipCon, in Marseilles!

For example, the last year, the North American players would have won 9-5.

Players from Chicago in Marseilles?

It would be great if our group sent a representative or two to the EDC, but let's not forget that the biggest Diplomacy event of the year is right here in North America. No, I'm not talking about Weasel Moot (June 9-10 at the Elks Veterans Memorial in Chicago!). I'm referring to the World Diplomacy Championships in Vancouver in August.

We will be happy to see YOU in Marseilles!

The fourth edition of the Vier-Chancen Tournee

The German hobby invite you to participate to the fourth edition of the Vier-Chancen. There will be, this year, 6 steps : 3 in Germany, 1 in France, 1 in Austria and 1 in the Netherlands. Julian will be very happy to host you for the first step in Berlin (BerlinCon 007 - License to Stab). It's a tournament for you, Simon Gauchot!
May 11-13 : BerliCon 007 - License to Stab (Germany)
June 23-24 : DomDipCup IV (The Netherlands)
August 2-5 : Felix Austria Tournament (Austria)
August 24-26 : HessenCon2007 (Germany)
September 1-2 : Sommet Franco-Allemand (France)
November 16-18 : Waldkappel (Germany)

Mediterranean Championship

For its second edition, there are 4 steps (Cannes, San Marino, Marseille and Milan). The score of a player is the sum of his best performance in France and his best performance in San Marino or Italy. His best second performance in France or in San Marino/Italy will count at 50%. His last performance doesn't count.
February 24-25 : Copa Garibaldi (Cannes)
May 11-13 : San Marino Con (San Marino)
September 8-10 : EuroDipCon (Marseille)
Ocotber 6-7 : MilanCon (Milan)

Last news from Europe

EDC The EDC will take place in the Frioul Islands, near Marseilles in France. More informations are available on the website.
Austria Guenter Hopf waits you for the Felix Austria (August 2-5, in Hohe Wand). Don't hesitate any more!
Belgium The first Tour de Belgique is now launched. The next step will be "La coupe du Dragon" in Mons (October 6-7).
Denmark Jakob searches a new tournament to host the step of the Grand Prix.
France Don' forget the French forum for the face to face.
A board will be organised near Paris on April 29.
More informations about the Gencon Paris (May 25-26) soon.
Germany Don't miss the first step of the Vier-Chancen : BerliCon 007 - License to Stab in Berlin (May 11-13).
Icleand Don't miss the first EDV which will take place in Icelande (June 7-14). If you will miss it, you can't miss the Swiss step of the Grand Prix!
Ireland Discussions took place about the next Borucon which could take place in September.
Italy The next board will take place on Friday, May 18.
Norway Simen Fure Jorgensen works to the organisation of the Norwegian NDC (Step of the Grand Prix). It could take place during the fall.
San Marino Everyone is invited to find itself for San Marino Con in May 11-13.
The Netherland Ronald is ready to host you for the DomDipCup (June 23-24) in Utrecht.
9 players are already registered for the 3rd Workshop of Diplomacy, in Houten (May 6). Contact Frank Oosterom.

Written by Laurent Joly

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