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This Week in Europe
Issue 29 December 20, 2007
The goal of this section is to give you all the informations about diplomacy in Europe.

French NDC : The results

The French NDC took place in the hotel la Louisiane, in Paris downtown. On Friday night, we were happy to welcome the foreigners and French players. On Saturday, there are 9 boards on round 1 and 10 on round 2. Everybody seemed to spend a good time. After Diplomacy, we try a convoy to a restaurant. And the convoy succededed with the support of Jérôme Charon. After a short night, we launched the third round with 6 boards. After the third round, we discovered the 7 players qualified for the top board : Gwen Maggi, Fabien Grellier, Vincent Carry, Pierre Pingaud, Jean-Christophe Hastaran, Christophe Mallard and Philippe Dumay. You can see the top board on stabbeurfou. 5 other boards took place during this last round.
After 4 rounds and 31 boards, we counted 75 players (one more than the previous year). So Toby would be happy to say that is the biggest tournament in the World, but is it so important ?
Best Diplomat (Meilleure Diplomate) : Gwen Maggi
Best Tactician (Meilleure Tacticien) : Cyrille Sevin
Best Strategist (Meilleure Stratège) : Cyrille Sevin
The most machiavellic (Le plus machiavellique) : Fabrice Essner
Players' choice (Le joueur préféré) : Erica Alemdar
TD's choice (Le choix des organisateur) : Louis-Clément Azaïs
And the French Champion is... the Swedish and Danish Champion 2007 ... Gwen Maggi! Arnaud Daina finished second followed by Fabien Grellier. At the fourth place, applaused by everybody, Rene Van Rooijen! He recieved the Best Russia and the best Turkey, Well done!
I want to thank all the players who came for tournament especialy the foreigners : René Van Rooijen, Frank Oosterom, André Ilievics, Stefan Unger, Michael Pock, Toby Harris, Emeric Miszti, Gihan Bandaranaike, Conrad Woodring, Erica Alemdar.
See you all the next year : December 13-14, 2008, for the French NDC 2008.
The results

European Grand Prix : Final results

This year, there were 14 steps in 13 differents countries. The Danish step made his return and unfortunatly, the Irish organiser didn't succeed to organize their tournament. 272 players of 17 differents nationalities participated to the Grand Prix. This is 20% less than in 2006.
In Paris, we announced the results of this Grand Prix.
10thEmeric Miszti2050 pts(Won the manorcon)
9thYan Calibet2100 pts(2nd in Switzerland, 3rd of the EDC)
8thDavide Cleopadre2109 pts(Won rhe HessenCon)
7thAlex Lebedev2500 pts(Won the San MarinoCon, 4th in Milan)
6thJérôme Charon2538 pts(2nd in the EDC, 4th in Bruxelles)
5thFabien Grellier2600 pts(Won the EDC, 3rd in Paris)
4thRené Van Rooijen3100 pts(4th in Paris)
3rdStefan Unger4017 pts(Won the DomDipCup, 2nd in th FAT)
2ndEmmanuel du Pontavice4036 pts(3rd in Bruxelles and in Sweden)
1stGwen Maggi7950 pts(Won the Danish NDC, Swedish NDC and French NDC, 2nd in Milan, 3rd in San Marino)
In the team competition, "La vie est injuste!" won with 10845 points. Congratulations to Frédéric Coste, Gwen Maggi and Emmanuel du Pontavice.
The website

Tour de France : Final results

This year, there were 7 steps in France, Belgium and Switzerland. 169 players of 10 differents nationalities participated to the Tour de France.
At the end of the French NDC, we gave the trophies of the Tour de France.
10thAlexandre Godfroy1112 pts
9thFabrice Essner1149 pts
8thCyrille Sevin1175 pts
7thRené Van Rooijen1239 pts(4th in the French NDC)
6thVincent Carry1340 pts
5thFabien Grellier1594 pts(Won the EuroDipCon, 3rd in Paris)
4thYan Calibet1812 pts(2nd in Grenoble and Sierre, 3rd in the EuroDipCon)
3rdJérôme Charon1888 pts(2nd in the EuroDipCon and Mons)
2ndEmmanuel du Pontavice1926 pts(Won in Mons and Parthenay)
1stGwen Maggi1969 pts(Won the French NDC)
The website

Norwegian Diplomacy Championship : The results

The Norwegian NDC took place in Oslo on November 24-25. 6 players were here to play for the title of champion of Norway. Tor Magne Tonnesen won with 9 centers followed by Simen Fure Jorgensen and Lars Vatnaland with 8 centers for each. The Norwegian Championship was a step of the European Grand Prix.
The results

Nederland Kampioenschap : The results

The Nederland Kampioenschap took place in Utrecht (in the Joker, a very nice place). There were 6 players qualified with the NK Voorronde played in Utrecht and Leeuwarden and the Dutch Champion 2006 : Thijs Feenstra. After 8 years, Ron Huising and Ronald Lokers finished first with 9 centers. Ron Huising, because of Tie breaker, won the Nederland Kampioenschap. Ronald Lokers finished second and Antoine de Schipper third.
The results of the Nederland Kampioenschap
The Joker was the place of the 7-landen competitie. Each month, one or more game are organised in the shop. Piotr Skotnicki finished first followed by Frank Oosterom and Ronald Lokers. The next game in the Joker will take place on January 18.
The results of the 7-landen competitie

WorldDipCon 2008 : Burg Lockenhaus, Austria

August 14th-17th 2008
Play diplomacy in the astonishing medieval surroundings of Lockenhaus Castle; enjoy the Service of our shuttle from Vienna to Lockenhaus and back again; choose between three different Luxury-Types of accommodation.
In a word : join us at WDC 2008 in Burg Lockenhaus/Austria 14th-17th August.

The next this week

In the next this week, you will have a summary of the year 2007 in Europe.

Latest News from around Europe

EDC The next EDC will take place in Como (Italy), on April 11-13, 2008. See the website.
Austria The WDC will take place in a medieval castle, in Burg Lockenhaus in Austria. More informations are available on the website.
France Gwen Maggi won the DipLyon (December 1-2) and the French NDC (December 8-9).
The French NDC took place inside Paris on December 8-9. 75 players were here and 31 boards played.
The last French Tournament of the year will take place in Rouen on Saturday, December 29.
Italy A webiste is available for the face-to-face in Italy :
Norway Simen Fure Jorgensen organised the Norwegian NDC (Step of the Grand Prix). Tor Magne Tonnesen is the Norwegian Champion 2007. See the Results.
The Netherland The Final of the Nederland Championship took place in Utrecht. Ron Huising is the Dutch Champion 2007. See the Results.
Each month, Diplomacy's game are organised in the Joker in Utrecht. The next game will be on January 18. More informations on the webiste.
The Utrech Diplomacy Tournament will take place on July 5-6, 2008 in Utrecht. More informations on the webiste.

Written by Laurent Joly

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