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This Week in Europe
Issue 22 September 29, 2007
The goal of this section is to give you all the informations about diplomacy in Europe.

MilanCon : October 6-7

The event will be held on in Milan and it will be part of the European Diplomacy Grand Prix tournament event for the 2007, It will be also part of the CISD and Med Regatta.
And remember that Milan is a fashion capital so you can arrange also a shopping day for your woman.
There are no entrance fees, the tournament is free for all foreigners.
Still looking for an hotel to host the players.
The booking is encouraged in order to make table arrangements easier and faster.
May be some free accommodations for players, look at the accommodations page.
Qualifications will be played on Saturday at 10.30am.
The final match will start on Sunday at 9.30 am.
There will be a prize for the three best players, last year we've given games and prizes until the 20th or so player.
Power assignment will be performed using a semi-random system.
Reaching Milan from everywhere in Europe is very easy both by train than by plane ( Milan has three airports, Linate and Malpensa, and Bergamo Orio al Serio is 30 minutes away).
There are many low cost airlines that coves Milan from everywhere in Europe . (,,,,
The tournament directors will be Davide Cleopadre and Giovanni Cesarini
We'll be waiting for you.
For any request, information, doubts or to have a suggestion to book your place please feel free to send a mail to milano.

Website : Website

Coupe du Dragon : October 6-7

The next weekend will take place The Coupe du Dragon in Mons (Belgium). This is the second step of the Tour de Belgium and a step of the Tour de France. As each year, the Belgium will be happy to host you and to show yoy the Belgium hospitality.
The tournament will start on Saturday at 10am.
Contact : Bertrand Lelangue
Website : Website

Terni : Results of the third step of the CISD

The third step of the CISD took place in Terni on September 15-16. 17 players were here and 6 boards were played on 3 rounds. After his second place the last year in Terni, Luca Pazzaglia won this tournament. Alex Lebedev finished second and Fulvio De Persio, for his first tournament, finished third.
For the Campionato Italo San Marinese, Alex Lebedev takes the first place followed by Givonanni Cesarini and Riccardo Savini, who didn't play this tournament. With his victory, Luca Pazzaglia takes the fourth place. The next step is the next weekend in Milan.
Results of Terni 2007
Campionato Italo San Marinese 2007

BoruCon : No tournament the last weekend

I couldn't hold enough people together for long enough to get a decent game - some people could make Friday but not Saturday, and vice-versa.
It turns out I picked the weekend when two old friends were both getting married, which led to some interesting conversations - some people did not get invitations to the 'other' wedding and had not known it was on until I tried to get everyone together.
I had a few ideas to try and do it better in 2008, but I think Alex' idea was probably the best to come up in discussion - which is to talk to the IGA and run it at Gaelcon for a few years while we build numbers. (Gaelcon, in Dublin, is always on the October bank holiday weekend, and draws, I guess, 300 or 400 assorted RPG, CCG, wargamers and LARPers.) That, and Brian's plan to start an Irish PBEM server, should help us to build up player numbers. (And I now have some email addresses for people who have not played in years whom we might get back out of 'retirement')

Danish NDC : October 18-21

The convention hosting the GP is Hyggecon in Hobro (no homepage yet), on the 18.- 21. oktober. The timeschedule will be something like this:
Thursday: Round one
Friday late evening: Round two
Saturday day: Round three
Saturday evening: Banquet (great food, dancing, girls in fancy dresses...)
Sunday day: Round four, and then awards

Hyggecon was originally a larp-convention, but in the recent years rpg, warhammer battle and boardgames have been a part of the convention.
Hyggecon takes place in Østerskov Efterskole there is a very special boardingschool. It its probably the only school (in the world?), where we use gaming (larp, rpg, card and boardgames) as the fundamental educational tool.
Bonus: I have been in contact with VikingCon in Copenhagen. And we have planned a round zero on that convention. Se the schedule for VC on their website when ready.
On the final note, I can say I have made a danish website, where news about the grand prix and Diplomacy in Denmark will be postet.

Jakob Bavnshøj

WorldDipCon 2008 : Burg Lockenhaus, Austria

August 14th-17th 2008
Play diplomacy in the astonishing medieval surroundings of Lockenhaus Castle; enjoy the Service of our shuttle from Vienna to Lockenhaus and back again; choose between three different Luxury-Types of accommodation.
In a word : join us at WDC 2008 in Burg Lockenhaus/Austria 14th-17th August.

Latest News from around Europe

EDC The next EDC will take place in Como (Italy), on April 2008
Austria The WDC will take place in a medieval castle, in Burg Lockenhaus in Austria. More informations are available on the website.
Belgium The first Tour de Belgique is now launched. The next step will be "La coupe du Dragon" in Mons (October 6-7).
Denmark Jakob said that the Danish NDC will take place in Hobro on October 18-21.
France Don' forget the French forum for the face to face.
The French NDC will take place inside Paris on December 7-9. For more informations, contact Emmanuel du Pontavice & Laurent Joly.
Germany The last step of the Vier-Chancen will take place in Waldkappel on November 16-18.
Ireland There are not enough players for the Irish NDC, the last weekend.
Italy Italian organizers won the BID for EuroDipCon 2008.
The Italian NDC will take place in Milan on October 6-7. For more informations, see the Italian website.
A webiste is available for the face-to-face in Italy :
Norway Simen Fure Jorgensen works to the organisation of the Norwegian NDC (Step of the Grand Prix). It will take place on November 23-25.
Sweden The step of the Grand Prix will be in Borås (November 2-4). If you want more informations, contact Björn Westling.
The Netherland The Joker Dip, in Utrecht, organised a game on Saturday, September 15. More informations on the Joker webiste.
The Utrech Diplomacy Tournament will take place on July 5-6, 2008 in Utrecht. More informations on the webiste.

Written by Laurent Joly

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