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This Week in Europe
Issue 2 April 20, 2007
The goal of this section is to give you all the informations about diplomacy in Europe.

FinDipCon, 2nd step of the Grand Prix, this Weekend

Like each year, the Finnish players will host the European players for the FinDipCon, in Helsinki (April 21-22). Juho Malin will be very happy to show you a beautiful country. Don't hesitate to make the travel.
After Juho Malin (2006) and Gwen Maggi (2005), who will win this year?
Contact : Juho Malin
Website : Official Website

Danish Step of the Grand Prix postpone

At my return of Chicago, I've received a bad news from Jakob Bavnshøj : The convention SolCon has been cancelled. He insisted that the Danish Step isn't cancelled yet and he will search a new date. Probably the danish step will take place in Fall.

Staaab : the European list

Our dear president, Julian Ziesing, asked me to recall you that we have an official list of announcements : Staaab. I invite everyone who wants to have information on what occurs to Europe to look at this list.
Go to the list

Heard about this week in Europe

I heard a lot of nice things about this week in Europe. I want to thank all the people who support us. Don't forget that this week was imported from North America. This Week in North America is directed by my friend Buz Eddy.

Back from Chicago

I had the pleasure to be in Chicago, for their first tournament since the seventies. We were 30 players and 9 boards were played. For a lot of players, it was their first tournament. The tournament was great with a lot of surprise : the Saturday's guest star, Matt Shields. Mike French won it, with a solo during the second round. Congratulations Mike!
The whole results
I invite all of you to come in Chicago for the Weasel Moot (9-10 June). It will be a very important event in North America. Don't forget it.
Contact : Jim O'Kelley
Website : Official Website

Sommet Franco-Allemand postpone in Fall

The Sommet Franco-Allemand (in Metz), step of the Tour de France and of the Vier-Chancen, is postpone in Fall. For more informations, contact the tournament director : Gwen Maggi.

Tournoi du Dauphiné : Results available

The tournoi du Dauphiné was the first step of the Tour de France 2007. This year, the French had chosen to reduce the number of step with only 7 steps. So, each step is very important. For this first step, like in Brussels, Yann Clouet won the tournament.
The whole results
Website of the Tour de France

Last news from Europe

EDC The EDC will take place in the Frioul Islands, near Marseilles in France. More informations are available on the website.
Austria Guenter Hopf waits you for the Felix Austria (August 2-5, in Hohe Wand). Don't hesitate any more!
Belgium The first Tour de Belgique is now launched. The next step will be "La coupe du Dragon" in Mons (October 6-7).
Denmark The Solcon is cancelled. Jakob searches a new tournament to host the step of the Grand Prix.
Finland The FinDipCon will take place this weekend.
France Don' forget the French forum for the face to face.
A board was played yesterday in Paris. It was a very closed game. Results.
A board will be organised near Paris on April 29.
We're working to the organisation of the Gencon Paris (May 25-26).
Icleand Don't miss the first EDV which will take place in Icelande (June 7-14). If you will miss it, you can't miss the Swiss step of the Grand Prix!
Ireland Discussions took place about the next Borucon which could take place in September.
Italy The next board will be probably take place on Friday, May 18.
Norway Simen Fure Jorgensen works to the organisation of the Norwegian NDC (Step of the Grand Prix). It could take place during the fall.
San Marino Everyone is invited to find itself for San Marino Con in May.
The Netherland Ronald is ready to host you for the DomDipCup (June 23-24) in Utrecht.

Written by Laurent Joly

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