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This Week in Europe
Issue 19 August 17, 2007
The goal of this section is to give you all the informations about diplomacy in Europe.

WorldDipCon 17 : live from Long Island (NY)

The WorldDipCon is now finished. 70 players have played this year, with 49 boards on 6 rounds.
The new World Champion is Doug Moore. The last victory of an American was Chris Martin in 1998 in Chapel Hill (Dixiecon). Congratulations to Doug who made a great tournament. Jake Mannix finished second and Chris Martin third. Dan Lester is the best European player and finished fifth. The 5 best European players are : Dan Lester (5th), Yann Clouet (10th), Gihan Bandaranaike (18th), David Norman (22th), Laurent Joly (23th).
Andy Bartalone, Chris Martin and Doug Moore are World Champion by Team.
You can find the results on the tournament here. It was a real pleasure to be in Vancouver for this WorldDipCon. We had 3 greats organizers : Nathan Barnes, Mike Hall and Matt Shields. I want to thank us for their great works. We was able to meet a lot of differents players for all over the world. For example, we met Rob Stephenson and it seems that I speak a perfect Australian ^^.
The next WorldDipCon will take place in Austria (more informations after) and the following will take place in Columbus in Origins. It will take place on June 26-28, 2009.
The next DipCon will take place in Bangor, Maine on July 26-27, 2008.
We're now in Long Island for the HuskyCon.

WorldDipCon 2008 : Burg Lockenhaus, Austria

August 14th-17th 2008
Play diplomacy in the astonishing medieval surroundings of Lockenhaus Castle; enjoy the Service of our shuttle from Vienna to Lockenhaus and back again; choose between three different Luxury-Types of accommodation.
In a word : join us at WDC 2008 in Burg Lockenhaus/Austria 14th-17th August.

EuroDipCon 2008 : Italian BID

we are working hard to finalize a bid to have EDC 2008 in Italy. We are in the final part of the agreements and, I hope, we will have all the contracts signed before the end of august.
The place will be the Como's Lake, the organizer will be the people from the Milan tournament (I, Giovanni,Marco F., Riccardo....) + the hero organizer of Como (Marco Noseda).
The dates 11 - 12 e 13 April 2008, 5 games.
I will keep you informed and I hope that you may take into account also our bid in Marseille.
Como is a beautiful place and the tournament was very pleasing this year. I will put all the pictures online soon. You will be able to see that!

French NDC : December 8-9 inside Paris

This year, the French NDC will take place in Paris downtown, in the hotel "La Louisiane". Xavier Blanchot gives the third floor for the tournament and 15 rooms available for travelers who want to come to Paris.
On Friday night, you're able to come to the hotel to meet us and to play to several games (Diplomacy is forbidden).
The tournament will have 3 qualifying rounds (Sat 10h, Sat 15, Sun 9h30). You must only play two of it. You will have some free time to visit Paris and/or to relax!
On Saturday night, you will be happy to show you some very good restaurants and bars very closed of the hotel. And if you want to play, it's possible in the area of the tournament (3rd floor of the hotel), but diplomacy is forbidden.
On Sunday afternoon, the final round will take place with a top board. Everybody will be allowed to play, of course!
So come in Paris to spend a good time and not only to play to diplomacy!
Website : (available soon)
Contact : Laurent Joly & Emmanuel du Pontavice

Norwegian NDC : November 23-25

The Norwegian NDC will take place on November 23-25 and organised by Simen Fure Jorgensen. More informations will be available soon.
Finally, after a long and exciting wait, the new format of the Norwegian Diplomacy Championship is ready. The event is moved from Arcon to early winter, and to a new location.
The event will last from Friday to Sunday (last round to end at 1600), with 4 rounds of c-diplo games played.

Contact : Simen Fure Jorgensen

Utrecht Diplomacy Tournament : 5-6 July 2008

The next tournament in Utrecht will take place on July 5-6, 2008. For more informations, see the website :

EuroDipCon 2007 : September 8-10 in Marseilles

This year, the EuroDipCon will take place in South of France, near Marseilles. For the first time, you will be allowed to convoy an army from Marseilles to the Gulf of Lion! You can find a lot of informations about the tournament and what you will be able to do on the official website.
For example, on Saturday, you will have 2 important events : the match of Rugby in Marseilles between Italy and New Zealand and the match of soccer between France and Italy in Italy. This night will be very hot!!
You're now able to register online. So go on the official website!
Website :
Contact : Gwen Maggi

Latest News from around Europe

EDC The EDC will take place in the Frioul Islands, near Marseilles in France. More informations are available on the website.
Austria The WDC will take place in a medieval castle, in Burg Lockenhaus in Austria. More informations are available on the website.
Belgium The first Tour de Belgique is now launched. The next step will be "La coupe du Dragon" in Mons (October 6-7).
Denmark Jakob said that the Danish NDC will probably take place in Hobro on October 18-21.
France Don' forget the French forum for the face to face.
The next tournament in France is Odyssée, in Metz, the week before the EuroDipCon (September 1-2). For more informations, contact David Thomae.
The French NDC will take place inside Paris on December 7-9. For more informations, contact Emmanuel du Pontavice & Laurent Joly.
Germany The German DipCon will take place in Frankfurt (August 24-26). André Ilievics will be happy to meet you there.
Ireland Discussions took place about the next Borucon which take place on September 21-23, in Cork. For more informations contact Mike.
Italy Italian organizers work on a BID for EuroDipCon 2008.
A webiste is available for the face-to-face in Italy :
Norway Simen Fure Jorgensen works to the organisation of the Norwegian NDC (Step of the Grand Prix). It will take place on November 23-25.
Sweden The step of the Grand Prix will be in Borås (November 2-4). If you want more informations, contact Dennis Andersson.
The Netherland The next Joker Dip, in Utrecht, will take place on Saturday, September 15. More informations on the Joker webiste.
A group of Dutch will go to the HessenCon 2007 (August 24-26) in Frankfurt.
The Utrech Diplomacy Tournament will take place on July 5-6, 2008 in Utrecht. More informations on the webiste.

Written by Laurent Joly

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