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Welcome on the home page of the Vier Chancen Tournee 2009

List of events of the year
Tournoi de l'Odysée, Metz (May 2 - 3)
BerliCon, Berlin (June 12 - 14)
Utrecht Diplomacy Tournament, Utrecht (July 10 - 12)
EuroDipCon, Bonn (July 31 - August 02)
Felix Austria Tournament, Hohe Wand (August 6 - 8)
Waldkappel, Waldkappel (November 13 - 15)

List of circuit's contacts
David Thomae
Julian Ziesing
Frank Oosterom
Stefan Unger
Sebastian Beer
André Ilievics




YearLastName, FirstNameNat.
2008MAGGI, Gwen
2007UNGER, Stefan
2006ILIEVICS, André
2005MAGGI, Gwen

2008Nevada C VIE-PAR (d)
2007Die Unbesieglosen
2006uisce beatha
2005Memphis à Propulsion Séquentielle
2004uisge beatha

Contact the TD

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Individual classification
All players get points for every step of the tour they play in according to the following formula:

1000 * (number of players - position + 1) / number of players

  • In a tournament with 20 players the winner gets 1000 points, the 2nd 950, the 3rd 900, the 4th 850 and so on. The 20th ends up with 50 points.
  • In a tournament with 50 players the winner also gets 1000 points, the 2nd 980, the 3rd 960, the 4th 940 and so on. Last but not least the 50th ends up with 20 points.
In the end only the best 4 results achieved in the 6 steps of the tour are accounted for the final result.

  • You play 5 steps of the tour and score 510, 950, 720, 230, 870. Having played more than four steps only the best four count toward the final result which is 510 + 950 + 720 + 870 = 3050 in this case.
  • You play 2 steps of the tour and score 1000 and 660 points. Having played less than four steps all results count toward the final result which is 1000 + 660 = 1660 in this case.
RankScorePlayedLastName, FirstNameLoc.Nat.
133675VAN ROOIJEN, René
232824MAGGI, Gwen
328823STRAUB, Fabian
425113ILIEVICS, André
523553DU PONTAVICE, Emmanuel
622253UNGER, Stefan
722063OSCHMIANSKY, Frank
821334LEINICH, Daniel
918942BADURCZIK, Jan
1018743AM ENDE, Moritz

Classification by Team

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