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European Grand Prix > EGP 2010 - Classification by Team

European Grand Prix 2010
Tournament Director :
Individual classification Classification by Team Statistics
The rules
  • For a given tournament, the team score will be the sum of its members individual scores at that tournament.

  • The "Team Points" is calculated by applying the same % modifiers than for the individual ranking that is to say :
    => 1 event is counted at 50%
    => 2 events the best counts 100% then 50%
    => 3 events the 2 best count 100%, then 50%
    => 4+ events the 3 best results count 100%, the 3 next count 50%, the 3 next count 25%, etc.

  • The results of a team must come from a Team Effort and not from a single Effort. If the GP individual score of Team members are respectively in growing order S1, S2 & S3, the "Team effort" is equal to 1.75 * (S1 + S2) + 0.25 * S3

  • The score of the Team is the smaller of the "Team effort" and the "Team Points"

  • It would be a good thing if each team has a name. A team can be composed of two or three players. A 2-players team can become 3-players team without loose its points. However, points scored by the third player before they joined the team do not count towards the team score.

  • A team can be formed during the season even if some of its members already scored individually before that. But only 1 of the Team members can bring points from events which took place before the registration of the Team.

  • RankTeamFirstName LastNameLoc.Nat.Score
    1La vie est injuste !Emmanuel DU PONTAVICE10998234923003500214816001950
    Laurent JOLY
    Gwen MAGGI
    2Team 2Marco FERRARI50322400671972300200
    André ILIEVICS
    Alex LEBEDEV

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