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European Grand Prix > EGP 2008 - Classification by Team

European Grand Prix 2008
Tournament Director :
Individual classification Classification by Team Statistics
The rules
  • For a given tournament, the team score will be the sum of its members individual scores at that tournament.

  • The "Team Points" is calculated by applying the same % modifiers than for the individual ranking that is to say :
    => 1 event is counted at 50%
    => 2 events the best counts 100% then 50%
    => 3 events the 2 best count 100%, then 50%
    => 4+ events the 3 best results count 100%, the 3 next count 50%, the 3 next count 25%, etc.

  • The results of a team must come from a Team Effort and not from a single Effort. If the GP individual score of Team members are respectively in growing order S1, S2 & S3, the "Team effort" is equal to 1.75 * (S1 + S2) + 0.25 * S3

  • The score of the Team is the smaller of the "Team effort" and the "Team Points"

  • It would be a good thing if each team has a name. A team can be composed of two or three players. A 2-players team can become 3-players team without loose its points. However, points scored by the third player before they joined the team do not count towards the team score.

  • A team can be formed during the season even if some of its members already scored individually before that. But only 1 of the Team members can bring points from events which took place before the registration of the Team.

  • RankTeamFirstName LastNameLoc.Nat.Score
    1La vie est injuste !Frédéric COSTE91551750190020003000900105010920001569
    Emmanuel DU PONTAVICE
    Gwen MAGGI
    2Pizza Mandolino MammaGiovanni CESARINI690421593500771071900900
    Alex LEBEDEV
    3NN3André ILIEVICS54414012000107127310002000213
    Frank OOSTEROM
    4Team ItalyDaniele BELARDINELLI522314501800333200
    Davide CLEOPADRE
    Marco FERRARI
    5NN2Yann CLOUET364611752361739800153
    Toby HARRIS
    Cyrille SEVIN

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