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European Grand Prix > EGP 2003 - Classification by Team

European Grand Prix 2003
Tournament Director :
Individual classification Classification by Team Statistics
The rules
  • For a given tournament, the team score will be the sum of its members individual scores at that tournament.

  • The score of the team in the General Ranking is calculated by applying the same % modifiers than for the individual ranking that is to say :
    => your 3 best result count 100%
    => your 3 next results count 50%
    => your 3 next results count 25%
    => etc.

  • a Team can be formed during the season even if some of its members already scored individually before that. But only 1 of the Team members can bring points from events which took place before the registration of the Team.

  • RankTeamFirstName LastNameLoc.Nat.Score
    1The Belgian ChampionsYann CLOUET5002501850483000432176
    Stephane DERDI
    Miguel MARTINEZ
    2Nameless DippersWilliam ATTIA448380030342002620042211009376
    Ronald LOKERS
    3I don't have a clueBrian DENNEHY37742003475004002600
    Fearghal O'DONNCHU
    Niclas PEREZ
    4Hunter of the Lost centersFrank BACHER34013451200183150
    Sascha HINGST
    André ILIEVICS
    5Norvegians MastersFrank JOHANSEN275238264192
    Inge KJOL
    Erik KLETTE
    6Reservoir FrogsPhilippe CLAVAUD25375212443950491703
    Cyrille SEVIN
    Guillaume VUILLIN
    7Best AsiansGihan BANDARANAIKE22712509461200
    Simon BOUTON
    Vick HALL
    8Diplomatic KnightsMichael GOETZE1177407681324840
    Igor KURT
    Dominik PANIC

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